OK people, who received TONS of cute pics. These are the top 10. The top 3 need to DM me on FB with a mailing address and we’ll send you some Loot. You can also email charles@lake947.com. Thanks!


The “This School Thing Might Hurt” Photo



The “We Got it Going On and We Know it” Photo



The “My Sign is Upside Down But I Get Away With It Cause I’m Cute” Photo



The “Your Lake Loot Questions Are So Easy For Me” Photo”

janel evans


The “I Love School” Photo



The “I’m Trying Not to Cop An Attitude About Going Back To School” Photo

rylie mirimon


The “Going Back to School Makes Us Crazy” Photo



The “School???, You Told Me We Were Going To The Movie” Photo



The “Can I Please Please Please Go To School” Photo


And our #1 Back to School Photo


kyle daigle

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