From Covington PD: gun bust

Chief Tim Lentz announces that an early morning assault investigation at a local convenience store has resulted in multiple charges, including illegal possession of body armor.

At approximately 2:15 this morning a Covington Police officer stopped at a local convenience store. When he entered the store, the clerk advised him that a customer, who was still in the parking lot, made a threatening statement to her, putting her in fear for her safety.

The officer walked out of the store and attempted to make contact with the suspect. As the officer approached he observed the suspect take something out of his vehicle, place it into his waistband, then turn and walk away from the officer.

The officer identified himself and ordered the suspect to stop, which he ignored. The officer followed him, continuing to give commands to stop, until the suspect fled behind a building.

For his safety, the officer did not give chase and instead waited for additional officers to arrive, at which time they searched the area and were unable to locate the suspect, who left his vehicle in the parking lot of the convenience store.

Officers called for a wrecker and conducted an inventory of the vehicle. During the inventory, officers discovered multiple loaded firearms, several rounds of ammunition and body armor.

Officers were able to identify the owner of the vehicle, who lives out of state. She advised officers that a man named David Hagan was supposed to be in possession of the vehicle and gave them an address where he was staying in Covington.

Officers went to the residence, where they observed David Hagan, in possession of what they believed to be a marijuana pipe, and Nathan Oinonen on the front porch. The initial officer positively identified Oinonen as the person that fled the convenience store and both subjects were taken into custody.

Oinonen was charged with simple assault and resisting an officer by flight. Further investigation revealed that Hagan owned the body armor, which he is prohibited from possessing under Louisiana law. As a result, Hagan was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful use of body armor.

Oinonen and Hagan were subsequently transported to the St. Tammany Parish Jail. The investigation into this incident is still ongoing and may result in additional charges.

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