So, we challenged listeners to submit the LAST photo on their phone for our contest, whatever that photo might be. To say the least, we saw some STUFF. Lots of sleeping photos, and some blurry ones too. Also, we saw some sayings you saved to phones as photos, and a few made the list here. Take a look at the Top 10 as judged by the Lake 94.7. The Top 3 are picking up some Loot. Thanks to all who played!


The “Lion Up with Ron Roberts” Pic

ron roberts


The “Back Stitches” Pic

sacr pic


The “Does This Shade of Lip Gloss Look Good on Me” Pic

yvette lip gloss


The “I Look Good with Whiskers” Pic

kitty cat photo


The “Of Course the Hubby is Gone When I Find a Snake” Pic

Tiffany being tough


The “Sounds Like Fun” Pic

horrible idea allison


The “Why Did She Make Me Wear This” Pic

Brie angry baby

#3 Lake Loot Winner

The “Kisses to Papa” Pic

Kellie kisses for papa

#2 Lake Loot Winner

The “Somebody Better Pay Attention to Me” Pic

Paige kitchen mess

#1 Lake Loot Winner

The “Hello World I’m Here” Photo

Samantha kylynn Rae

AND… Just because of who said the words, another #1 Lake Loot Winner

The “Mother T” Photo

Denise mother t

Winners can DM info on FB and tell us which pic is yours or if you submitted via email then

send your address from same email account. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 “Phone Hack” Photos

  1. Hey wylk! I left some messages over the dm about my address for submitting y’all’s number one pick of kylynn Rae. Our address is 66112 hickory street mandeville l 70448 if you need it if not and you need additional info you can message me on fb or even call me at 985-400-4093. We are so excited to welcome our little baby girl and to know she won something! Thanks so much for picking us!! 🙂


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