From Slidell PD:

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“White Wednesday” Prank Gone Too Far – Teen Arrested After Bringing Airsoft Gun to School

A “White Wednesday” prank went a little too far Thursday morning after a 14-year-old Northshore High student brought an airsoft gun and knife to school in order to seek revenge.

Traditionally, in Slidell, the Wednesday before a local high school’s homecoming dance, students throw toilet paper on their friend’s property as a sign of popularity; hence the term “White Wednesday”. One student found this to be offensive and sought revenge for his friends’ actions. Allegedly, the 14-year-old freshman student made comments that he was going to “get back” at his friends by bringing a gun to school in order to resolve the issue. The teen packed an airsoft gun and knife in his book bag, and brought them to school Thursday morning (October 1, 2015). The airsoft gun, which looks similar to a real handgun, had been modified by the teen. The safety tip, which is normally orange, had been painted black giving the illusion that the gun was real.
Several students had tipped off school administrators, and Slidell Police, about the threats made by the 14-year-old. Early this morning, school officials and Slidell Police sought out the student and located the airsoft gun and knife inside of the student’s book bag. The teen was placed under arrest and charged with Interfering with the Educational Process and Carrying a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon on School Property.

Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith says, “We will never know what this teenager’s true intentions were, but we are very grateful that the other students came forward and did the right thing by alerting the school principal and Slidell Police. We take all potential threats very serious and have a ZERO tolerance for anything; including jokes. Keeping our students safe is a number one priority of mine and the Slidell Police Department.”

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