Paul and Deana from the Samaritan Center stopped by to talk about this event…

Empty Bowl Fundraising Event – November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015

4-7 PM

Pontchartrain Yacht Club

Tickets are $30 per Person (includes the food)

Go to the Empty Bowl Facebook page by clicking here… EMPTY BOWL ON FACEBOOK

A little bit about the Samaritan Center from their website…

Today, 22 churches participate in the Samaritan Center’s work of serving those in need in the name of Jesus.

An interview and visit to the home allows staff members and volunteers to assess the extent of the client (or family’s) need.

In 2014, your donations helped The Samaritan Center serve 2,670 local families, comprising 4,393 children and 5,543 adults.

These families received:

  • 2,867 grocery carts filled with food (valued at $372,775)
  • 1,704 personal hygiene care packages (valued at $20,640)
  • $7,251 in clothing and household items from Gran’s Attic

Your donations also enabled us to assist with:

  • $30,555 in utility bills
  • $61,583 in rent and house notes
  • $1,176 in medical expenses
  • $2,989 in homeless expenses

The Samaritan Center receives no financial support from government sources. Local donations of food, clothing and money are its main source of funding.

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