Great day today. First up was STPH. Amanda brought by a chaplain named Zach Ritchie. He talked about what he does for STPH and give some insight for those who have a tough time during the holidays.



Here’s a vid of Vince Conaway playing the Hammer Dulcimer in the studios this morning. Vince and Jamie were here from the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, which is about to start its last weekend! You can hear him play below.






Lake Loot:


Q: About 1 in 10 of us will do this will driving this month, even if it is NOT in the spirit of the season. What

A: Steal a parking spot from someone else.

Winner: Erin Oramous from Slidell


Q: This now happens to 7 out of 10 dogs.  What is it?

A: Get a Christmas gift.

Winner: Melissa Estopanol, Megan and Macey from Slidell


Musical selection to guess

Winner: Frank Csaki from Slidell


Q: 7 OUT OF 10 men feel THIS gives them more personality…What?

A: Facial hair!

Winner: Jacques Lacombe


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