We started off this morning with Dr. Patrick Torcson and Amanda Paxton from St Tammany Parish Hospital. Pat is a champion of the new information technology being employed at the hospital.



Next up was Rykert Toledano who came by to promote the Covington Rotary’s Feeding the Needy. Their website with info on how to help is here… FEEDING THE NEEDY



Lake Loot


Q: A new survey reveals that December 16th is the worst day to have THIS.

A: A birthday, too close to Christmas

Winner: Brett Martin from Slidell


Q: You probably already used one this morning, and you’ll likely use 5 different ones this week.  What?

A:  Passwords.

Winner: Rebecca Haaga from Mandeville



Q: There are more than 51,000 of these in America– and 10 percent of us use one. What are they?

A: A storage facility.

Winner: Sherling Werner from Covington


Q: What is Hokie gajan’s God-given name?

A: Howard

Winner: Mike Ocman from Covington

Bonus at 7:10

Q: Singles were asked which holiday song best describes their dating life. Which one is it?

A: Silent Night. 60% said “my dating life is quiet”

Winner: Jim Handley from Pearl River

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