Our first guest today was Dr. Paul Guilbault from Louisiana Heart Hospital. He spoke about some of the behaviors we engage in around Christmas and some ways to protect ourselves from them. Thanks to Dr Paul for stopping by.



paul monday


Up next was George Landrum with the new Elevation Station. If the kids are making you crazy jumping around the house this is the place for you.



elevation station pic


Lake Loot


Q: 3 in 4 married couples have fought about this, especially this time of the year. What is it?

A: Thermostat

Winner: Danny Herod from Slidell


According to a Craigslist ad, a Boston man is offering his services as a ___________ for your gathering, party, holiday, or simple amusement.

A: A “Living Elf on the Shelf”

Winner: Jessie Ogden from Lacombe



Q: Name the two most popular colors, in order, or artificial Christmas trees

A: Green then white

Winner: Eric Reilly from Covington


Q: Baby Boomers are disappointed in their children because ——.

A: They whine/complain too much.

Winner: Alex Pounds from Bush

And 7:15 for fun… 

Q: Women now make up 15% of the market for this. What is it?

A: Motorcycle ownership

Winner: Tony Trapane from Pearl River

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