Great guests today starting with Sarah Cottrell from Sophisticated Woman Magazine. Sarah introduced this month’s Enterprising Women and spoke about other things you’ll find in this month’s issue. You can hear what Sarah had to say below…



We also spoke to our friend Jennifer Messina from St Tammany West Habitat for Humanity. Jenn brought in Davis Brister, who spoke on behalf of Merrill Lynch and how they went the extra mile for Habitat. See who Davis is on his Linked-In page here… DAVIS BRISTER.  And go check out Habitat, they always need volunteers, their website is here… St Tammany West Habitat and the interview with these two is below..



Lake Loot Jan 6, 2016:


Q: Doing this takes you an average of 5 seconds. What is it?

A: Texting while driving

Winner: Kiashauna Smith from Pearl River


Q: 1 in 5 American kids agreed they wanted this as part of their Christmas?

A: To see the new Star Wars Movie

Winner: Greg Pier from Slidell


Q: This is the worst possible pickup line men can use at a bar. What?

A:  Do you come here often?

Winner: Jamie Taylor from Picayune


Q: 3 out of 5 newlyweds say they miss this the most from when they were single. What is it?

A – Their own bathroom.

Winner: Susanne Seleski from Mandeville

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