Great day today on the Lake 94.7. Melissa Hodgson and Amanda Paxton were here to talk about what STPH and Ochsner have accomplished together in one year. Here is their interview…  Lake Loot Questions and Answers at the bottom of page…



We also spoke with Kristen Simpson about Living with Burke and a Hero Training they are holding at Franco’s this Saturday, January 9th. They have slots open from 9 am through 1 pm, it is free and it takes about 30 minutes. She explains in the interview below. You can sign up here  Hero Training CPR Sign Up





Living4Burke CPR Flier



Lake Loot


Q: 25% of men won’t date a woman if she has THIS. What is it?

A: Facial piercing

Winner: Dan Eitmann from PEarl River


Q: When asked what naughty thing you did in the old year, almost 1 in 5 of us confessed to the same thing.  What was it?

A:  Cheat on our taxes.

Winner: Kerri Vicari from Covington


Q: Just had the season for parties, and a recent survey says “small talk”  topic #1 is food, what’s #2?

A Fitness or exercise.

Winner: Steven Hauer from Amite


Q: This was the best selling music listening device for the past Christmas season. What was it?

A: Turntable!!!

Winner: Jamie Murphy from Picayune


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