What a busy day on the Lake 94.7! First up was Ronnie Simpson with STPG. He gave us updates on a variety of projects and reviewed some of the events from 2015.



Mayor Villere came by with his “Mayor” for a day Renee. Mayor Villere updated us on the proposed development along the lakefront, security cameras, parades and more.


may and asst



Marianne Addy came by with Girl Scout cookies! Need we say more?



And, finally, we sent out new intern out in the halls of Covington High to ask some questions of her fellow students. (Charles came up with the questions, she was a good sport.




Lake Loot



Q: About ¾ of all households have one of these, and you use it, on average, once every 6 days. What is it?

A: A BBQ grill

Winner: Ashely Brockhaus from Slidell


Q: If they are going to cheat, just under half of people consider THIS the top “cheat” meal while trying to lose weight in the New Year.

A: Pizza

Winner: David Lajoie from Mandeville


Q: According to a new study, the average person tries THIS about 14 times before actually buying THIS. What is it?

A: A diamond ring!

Winner: Kristi Vivknair from Mandeville


Q: A recent survey says that doing this with your coworkers will boost office morale. What is it?

A: Swearing

Winner: Micah Reynolds from Slidell

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