First up today were our friends from St Tammany Parish Hospital. Amanda brought by the Executive Chef Abry Crosby. We had a good conversation about eating healthy and forget everything you think you know about hospital food…



Sierra Dee and her mother Katherine came by from Sugar Love Cakes in Slidell. She brought King Cakes and they were awesome! You can check her out here at her website … SUGAR LOVE CAKES.







Lake Loot


Q: More than 20% of people admitted they did this at work this week. What is it?

A: nothing

Winner” Jessica Siebenaikittel from Ponchy


Q: The average person will go and do this over 200 times in their life. What?

A: Go Bowling!

Winner: Melanie Bowling of Covington


Q: People were asked to list reasons they were looking forward to the weekend. The #1 reason was not working. What was the #2 reason they were looking forward to the weekend?

A: Eating whatever they want – blowing their diet

Winner: Kristen Wolfe from Folsom

And, in honor of

snape pic


Q: Despite being author J.K. Rowling’s first choice to play Snape in the Harry Potter films (she actually envisioned him when writing the character), Alan Rickman was only given the role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after the  studio’s preferred choice backed out to star in Planet of the Apes. Who almost was Snape?

A: Tim Roth

Winner: Shelia Fuller from Slidell

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