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Q: Name 4 of the top 7 things you SHOULD NOT wear to the office…


  1. Athletic footwear

Unless you have a medical problem, steer clear of wearing shoes that are too sporty. If you have to wear athletic shoes, make sure they’re clean and in good shape.

  1. Strong fragrances

No one should be able to smell you before you arrive. Be respectful of your co-workers and tone down the fragrance.

  1. Wrinkled clothes

Now is the time to get familiar with your iron. If you can’t imagine yourself bending over an ironing board, take your clothes to the cleaners or buy “no-wrinkle” clothes.

  1. Gym gear

Sweatshirts, track pants, and any other outfit you would wear to the gym are out. It’s OK to be comfortable, but you shouldn’t look like you’re about to teach a boxing class.

  1. Sandals

Although you may like to feel the cool breeze on your toes, it’s not a professional look. Cover up those little piggies.

  1. Clothes that are too loose (or tight)

It’s possible to be comfortable and work appropriate. If all of your work clothes are baggy, get a tailor. As for clothes that are too tight, your co-workers should not be able to see the outline of your naughty bits.

  1. Clothes that are too dressy

Winner: Ingrid Yancy from Madisonville


Q: 9 out of 10 adults say we do it every 24 hours, even though we don’t want to.  What is it?

A:  Wake up worrying in the night.

Winner: Charlene Daigle from Slidell


Q: 1 in 3 adults have to have THIS in their bedroom. What is it?

A: A Stuffed Animal

Kelly Magee from Covington


Q: 4 in 10 people do this at a Super Bowl party even though they shouldn’t. What is it?

A: “Double-dipping”!

Winner: Pam Clark from Covington

Kid’s Only Question at 7:15

Riddle #1

Q: I cannot hear or even see, but sense light and sounds there may be.
Sometimes I end up on the hook, or even deep into a book. What am I?

A: A worm.

Riddle #2

Q: You are my brother, but I am not your brother. Who am I?

A: I am your sister.

Winner: Jacob Hanson Cook from Slidell


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