We had a crew in from the St Tammany Hospital Foundation today including Sandy Matthews and Jeannine Chevis. They were here to talk about a grant associated with Eat Fit Northshore. They brought along Chef Gio. His restaurant is participating in the program. Find out more by listening to the interview below.




Lake Loot


Q: The average American house has this and on average it is worth about $15k. What is it?

A: Credit card debt.

Winner: Anthony Pennison from Mandeville


Q: Just under 50,000 people needed medical attention last year because of WHAT?

A:  Bites from other people.

Winners: Vanessa Allison from Covington and David Riche from St Rose


Q: 19 miles, that’s how far the average person lives from this. What is it?

A: Their mom!

Winner: Jennifer Cardinal from Mandeville


Q: 4 in 10 married men say when their wife does this it drives them crazy!

A: Dresses them or tells them what to wear

Winner: Harry Wadsworth from Mandeville

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