Our first guest today was Dr. Christina Leal McKinley from Louisiana Heart Hospital. Christina spoke about family medicine and her practice on LA 21. She also spoke about anxiety and panic disorders. You can hear the interview below. You can check out the Heart Hospital online here … LOUISIANA HEART HOSPITAL





We also got to speak with Annie Vilardo from Northshore Dermatology. Here is her bio..


ns derm annie

After 18 years as a certified trainer, life coach and fitness center owner, Annie discovered her next passion while working as a business consultant for a medical spa in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Shortly thereafter, Annie’s family relocated to her husband’s hometown of Covington, Louisiana where she began working for Northshore Dermatology as Dr. Tabor’s Senior Cosmetic Consultant. Annie enjoys working closely with cosmetic patients to educate, consult and assist in their decision making process for skincare needs, antiaging treatments and aesthetic procedures. In June 2014, Annie attended CoolSculpting University in San Francisco, California and is also a Certified Coolsculpt Specialist.

They are having an open house today in Hammond from 4:40 to 7:30 at 1606 S. Magnolia St. Go see them or check out their website here… NS DERMATOLOGY





Lake Loot:


Q: It costs about 8 cents a square inch, and you buy a lot of it.  What is it?

A: Pizza

Winner: Sherling Warner from Covington


Q: The average woman complains about this twice a day. What is it?

A: Men

Winner: Jennifer Roth from Slidell


Q: It’ll take you, on average, 5 1/2 hours to do this…

A: read a book

Winner: Michael Lincoln from Picayune


Q: Most of us are suffering from some or all of these, FOMO MOMO and JOMO. What are they?

A: These come from social media: Fear of Missing Out, Mystery of Missing Out, Joy of Missing Out

Winner: Robin Reynolds from Bay St Louis

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