Today we started something new called “People We Have Never Talked To” and opened the phone lines with the only criteria being that it was someone we had never talked to…


…And we talked to Maureen Schenker from Slidell. Maureen is originally from Portland and visited New Orleans for Mardi Gras in 1979. That was the year of the police strike and lots of parades were cancelled. The National Guard was called in to cover other parades with instructions to protect but not to worry too much about the “vice” side of things. (This prompted some to call 1979 the best Mardi Gras ever, while many would agree it led to some of the wildest behavior!) Maureen didn’t get to see a lot of parades but she did go to a housewarming where she met Kurt. The same Kurt she has been married to for 35 years. Maureen is a registered nurse at Slidell Memorial Hospital. Thanks to Maureen for listening to the Lake 94.7 and for talking to us for a few minutes this morning!!!


Lake Loot:


Q: 1 in 3 men say they get tired after about 25 minutes of doing THIS. What is it?

A: Shopping!

Winner: Greg Eisman from Slidell


Q: Only 1 in 5 Americans do THIS correctly? What is it?

A: Wash their hands

Winner: Erica Martin from Hammond


Q: Over three quarters of us do THIS alone, but we would actually prefer to do it with a partner. What is it?

A: Commute to work

Winner: Tiffany Roberg from Covington


Q: Sales of THESE go up 300% during the week before the Super Bowl. What is it?

A: Recliners!

Winner: Stevie Lopriore from Mandeville

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