Cliff Bergeron stopped in today to talk about “A Taste of Covington” and for their fifth year they are expanding to 5 days instead of 4. Festivities kick off with Vintner’s Dinners Wednesday, April 6th and Thursday, April 7th. The participating restaurants are listed below and you call them directly to book your meal. The other events are on the website here … A TASTE OF COVINGTON





Once again we played “People We Have Never Talked To Before” and today that person was 18 year old Savannah Barrient at Mandeville High.  Savannah is going to either ULM or Southeastern. She wants to study to become a pharmacist. Right now she is “enjoying” Cross Fit although she hates the “bur-pees”. Her brother Zac was a Mandeville grad and he’s now at Louisiana College. Mom is Lori and Dad, Mac, is a physical therapist. Oh yeah, Savannah wanted to give a shout out to her buddy Lauren Hawkins! Thanks to talking to us Savannah and good luck in college!


Lake Loot:


Q: More than half of all women but less than one-third of men insist on traveling with this. What is it?

A: Their own pillows

Winner: Beth Galyon from Slidell


(This hour was a 2-fer and it revolved around The Godfather in honor of the passing of Abe Vigoda aka Sal Tessio.)

abe v


Q: The first four words in the film The Godfather are:

A: “I believe in America”

Q: Who was shot on the massage parlor table

A: Moe Greene

Winner: Brad Ferrand from Covington

And just because we can…



Q: If you’re a woman, you’ll probably do this about 8 times today.  What?

A: Criticize yourself.

Winner: Jennifer from Slidell


Q: 1 in 5 parents admit they have almost crashed the car while doing THIS. What is it?

A: Disciplining their kids

Winner: Lauren Smith from Covington

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