Today on the Lake 84.7 our guests were all about the Parenting Center at St Tammany Parish Hospital. This is a fantastic local resource. Learn more about what they do on their website here… STPH PARENTING CENTER or listen to the interview below… Thanks to Lori Cage, Melissa Dickerson and Amanda Paxton for stopping by!





People We Have Never Talked To


Today for “People we have never talked to” we talked to Kaitlyn Smith. There was a catch, there had to be a veteran involved. Kaitlyn’s mom is a vet. Her name is Cindy Pickens and she served as a medic in Germany. Cindy is actually a disabled vet and she helps other veterans who have been injured make their claims. Kaitlyn is a senior at Lakeshore. She plans to attend LSU and major in Graphic Design. In fact, she found outlast night that her roommate is from Houston. Good luck next year Kaitlyn and remember the Lake 94.7 streams. If you ever want to know what’s happening back home then check us out.

Today’s Cutest Pic of a Lake Listener




Today’s Cutest Pic of My Kid on the Way to a Soccer Game


jax sleeping
He looks excited… 



Lake Loot


Q: We’re talking about tough tasks: Quitting smoking was toughest task. What was #2 said what was the second hardest after quitting smoking?

A: Saving for retirement

Winner: Caitlin Munn from New Orleans


Q: While they are on vacation the average person does this 10 times. What is it?

A: Post items on Facebook

Winner: Dillon Angelo from Covington


Q: 1 IN 5 Americans have this in their glove compartment right now. What is it?

A: Tube of toothpaste

Winner: Scott Meyer from Covington


Q: At some point this morning about 1-in-10 of us did THIS, while the rest of us did not. What is it?

A: Wake up without an alarm.

Winner: Valerie Wicker from Abita

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