It was all about the Krewe of Eve this morning on the Lake. Thanks to our guests Amanda Jones and Melissa Farrell, who talked throws and route and times and everything else you need to know if you are going out to the parade tonight in Mandeville…







People We Have Never Talked To Before


Today we got to meet Colin Oden, a student at Northshore High. Colin is 18 years old and he’s already enlisted to join the Coast Guard following graduation. Dad, Dean, was a Navy Seal and Mom, Iris, raised three children. One of Colin’s sisters teaches at NS High, the other is in school at South Alabama. One of the things Colin had to share with us was something on the romance side (Valentine’s Day is coming!) and he volunteered that he wants to ask out a young lady named Sadie and he’s thinking that if she says yes he’ll take her for an under the stars picnic dinner. Good luck Colin! Thanks for talking to us and listening to the Lake 94.7!


Lake Loot



Q: One half people agree that THIS is the worst thing that can happen at a Super Bowl party. What is it?

A: Running out of food and drinks

Winner: Melissa Lott from Lacombe


Q: Almost half of all kindergartners have gotten in trouble for doing this.

A: Kissing another student

Winner: Lisa Schneider from Slidell


Q: 20% of us have quit a job for this reason.  What is it?

A:Your mom told you to.

Winner: Lana Lapara from Mandeville


Q.   This TV Network has had 30 shows with the word ‘Love’ in the title. What Network?

A: VH-1

Winner: Ashley Clark from Covington


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