We started the days today with two friends from St Tammany Parish Hospital, Amanda Paxton and Deborah Berger. Deborah wanted to remind everyone about Heart Month in February and was full of all kinds of good info about heart health. Also, tomorrow is Wear Red Day for building awareness for heart health for the ladies. You can hear the interview here…







Up next was State Treasurer John Kennedy. We always enjoy our conversations with him and he had plenty to say about wasteful spending in the state and the plan being put forward by Gov Edwards. You can find out more about him here on his website… State Treasurer Website. The interview is below…





Today’s Person We Have Never Talked To Before…


…Was Kamron Rayborn, a student at Southeastern. Kamron is a sophomore and wants to be a nurse. She had to be willing to share her nickname with us and she had two: Kammie-Sue and Kameronie. Mom is Jill, Dad is Skipper, and her brother is Reed, but she calls him Reedie Beedie. Kamron is looking forward to a big weekend at parades in NOLA and wanted to give a shout out to her buddy Ariel. Thanks to Kamron and now she can never be A Person We Have Never Talked To Before…



From the This Dad Has A Little Too Much Time On His Hands File…




Lake Loot:


Q: Back in the ‘60’s, it would’ve cost you about $15  Now, it could cost you well over $5K.

A: Super Bowl

Winner: Karen Brakel from Slidell!


Q:  It happens all the time but over half of Americans say they have no clue when it is happening to them?  What is something that happens to all of us at one time or another but half of us say we don’t know it?

A:  When someone is flirting with us

Winner: Kerri Switzer from Slidell!


Q: One of these should do the job but a third of Americans count on having 2 of these. What is it?

A: Alarm Clocks (30% of us rely on a backup alarm in case we sleep thru the first one)

Winner: Becky Fisher from Covington!


Q: In 1884, the very first one of these came out. What?

A: Oxford English Dictionary was published!

Winner: Roberta Miller from Hammond!

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