Here’s one of our great parade pics we’ve gotten so far. Submit yours today through our FB page or Twitter feed…


lake cube mardi 2016


We’re also looking for “Love of your life” pics through FB and Twitter like this one which is pretty stinking cute…


Dawn Landry


Ronnie Simpson started off the day today with a bunch of information about things coming up AFTER Mardi Gras. One of those events was a meeting about Coastal Protection in Mandeville. You can see more about here… COASTAL PROTECTION MEETING of check out the flier here .. Coastal Meeting in Mandeville. Ronnie’s interview is below… (We also got to hear Ronnie explain why a football, which is made out of leather, is also called a pigskin… what a true Renaissance man…)





Up next was Wayne Turner with Wayne Turner Real Estate. He updated us on the local real estate market and talked about how he likes to sell houses… visit Wayne online here.. WAYNE TURNER REAL ESTATE





People We Have Never Talked To Before


…was Erica Ammerman from Mandeville. Erica is studying to be a welder. Her mom is Karen and dad is John. Erica has two sisters and a brother and she also has her own son, Noah, who is 18 months old. Erica had to tell us a joke and she dusted off this beauty..

What’s the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver?

A bad golfer goes whack… dang! A bad skydiver goes dang…whack!

Erica, enjoy the Audubon Institute with Noah!


Lake Loot



The average person will see about 20 of these over their lifetime…what is it?

Answer:  Different doctors!

Winner: Edie Larmeu from Mandeville!


Q: One cow yields how many footballs.

A: 10

Winner: Glen Pearson from Pearl River!


Q: 1 in 5 people in a new sleep study survey said they have actually fallen asleep HERE. Where is it?

A: The bathroom at work!

Winner: Alex Soletski from Covington!


Q: Men actually spend more per month on THIS than women— at $85 per month for men to women’s $75. What is it?

A: Clothing and accessories

Winner: Gina Eirich from Slidell!

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