That’s called an “attention-grabber” but this is something you might want to take advantage of. For his Real Man Campaign to battle domestic violence for Safe Harbor Charles is asking you to make a donation (min $10) in exchange for an on air message to your Valentine. Make a screen shot of the donation receipt and send it through email or a FB message with a note for the person you want Charles to talk about and when you want it read on Weds, Thurs or Friday. Charles will get on the radio and say whatever you want within reason but something like…

“John Smith married the love if his wife twenty years ago and for this Valentine’s Day he wants everyone to know that he loves her even more now! Happy Valentines Day! Love John.”

  1. So, donate to Safe Harbor here… Donate to Charles Dowdy’s Safe Harbor Campaign

  2. Send proof of donation to Charles at charles at lake947 dot com or through a message on our Facebook page here… Lake FB Page.

  3. Include the “love note” you want Charles to read and the day and approximate time you want it read. (Starting Weds the 10th at 7am through Friday the 12th at 8 pm)

  4. Then make sure you and your sweetie are listening at that time…

FYI, the larger the donation the more Charles is going to carry on about your loved one!!! And yes, get them chocolate, gifts, flowers and take them to eat, but you can also donate to a great charity in their name!!!


Just in case you are curious about Safe Harbor and their Real Man Campaign there is more info here… Safe Harbor Info


What are you waiting for? Safe Harbor is a great group. Help out this cause and help out your own cause for Valentine’s Day!!!!

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