A busy Monday on the day after Valentines… So, who won our Love Of Our Life Contest?  Winners are in the pics below…


winning pic listeners
People’s Choice Winner
winning pic listeners 2
People’s Choice Winner #2
wining pic station choice
Staff Choice Winner


Our first guests today were Nick Richard and Stacy Gilmore from NAMI St Tammany. They have a couple of different support groups starting soon. Nick also spoke about how the budget crisis in Baton Rouge could affect mental health efforts in St Tammaany. You can see them online here… NAMI St Tammany or listen to the interview below…


feb 15 int 1
Nick and Stacy with NAMI


Up next was Dr. Christina Leal McKinley for Medical Monday with the Louisiana Heart Medical Group. The Doc talked about hypertension and how to manage it before it leads to a cardiac event. You can visit her online here Dr McKinley or listen to what she said below.


feb 15 int 2
Dr. McKinley





Last, we chatted with Tonya and Leslie about Dragon Boat Racing in Madisonville. You can see the website here.. Dragon Boat Racing or listen to what they said in the interview below..


feb 15 int 3
Leslie and Tonya

Someone We Have Never Talked To Before

… was Kimberly Romo from Pearl River. She is an occupational therapist for a nursing home in Slidell. Kimberly is married to Jesse and they have two children: Katie and Jesse. Tip your hat to Jesse, he proposed to her on Christmas Day in front of the whole family. Thanks to Kimberly for listening!

Lake Loot


Q: For most guys the number is much lower but for 1 in 10 men, they will keep THIS for over 10 years.

A: Their underwear

Winner: Christi Plaisance from Pearl River!!


Q: As many as 1 in 5 women will do THIS on Valentine’s Day.

A: Buy flowers for themselves

Winner: Chris Andre from Slidell!!


Q: 1 IN 3 % women get their hair cut before they do this….

A: Their drivers license picture

Winner: Connie Hart from Abita!!


Q: 1 in 3 women in a new survey say THIS was what they really wanted for Valentine’s Day. What?
A: A babysitter!

Winner: Wendy from Covington!!







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