Today our first guest was Denis Schexnaydre from Youth Service Bureau. He was here to talk about Chef Soiree 2016 which is March 20th. You can hear our interview below and you can see them online here YSB WEBSITE and here CHEF SOIREE WEBSITE




Up next was 30 by Ninety, with Sarah Victoria Place and Kim McDonnal here to talk about their latest production. A poster is below the interview.



SVP and Kim




sasha poster


Lake Loot


Q: A study found that ordering what on your first date doubles the odds of getting a second date?

A: Sushi

Winner: Tasso Taylor from Covington!!


Q: Women were asked about this fashion item for men and 9 out of 10 agreed IT was a huge turn-off. What is it?

A: Guys who wear silk boxers!

Winner: Brittany Madona from Covington!!


Q: This delicious dessert was created totally by accident. Name it!

A: Chocolate chip cookies!

Winner: Belinda Clouater from Folsom!!


Q: What do we buy more on Sunday than any other day of the week?

A: People buy ice cream!

Winner: Jennifer Burnett from Pearl River!!

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