Today is was all about the St Tammany Humane Society and Woofstock 2016. In studio were CEO Scott Bernier and his guest, Mayor Donald Villere. Their website is here.. ST TAMMANY HUMANE SOCIETY. You can hear the interview below.


Woofstock _Banner




Lake Loot


Q: Just shy of half of women will buy this before summer starts.

A: A new pair of sandals

Winner: Chris Edwards from Covington!!


Q: On the technology front 6.5 million North Americans are still using THESE even though they are terribly outdated.

A: Rabbit ears

Winner: Cade Lanoux from Abita!!


Q: According to a new study, this company is responsible for sending the most spam emails. What Company?

A: Groupon

Winner: Marcello Barbaro from Slidell!!


Q: What did Harper Lee give Gregory Peck after the film because Peck reminded her of her father?

A: His watch

Winner: Sheila Dudger from Mandeville!!


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