Can you tell Who they are by How they Sound?

I read a study that said people could identify things about a person simply from the sound of their voice. We have 7 listeners who called in and 7 profiles of those listeners. Can you match them? Give it a shot. You can put your results on our Facebook post about the contest, on this post, or email them to charles at lake 947 dot com. Good luck and listen Monday to see if you win! Happy Friday!

The profiles are as follows:

  1. Male, 51 years old, height: 5’6
  2. Female, 60 years old, height: 5’2
  3. Female, 39 years old, height: 5’4
  4. Female, 38 years old, height: 5’2
  5. Female, 35 years old, height: 5’1
  6. Male, 38 years old, height: 5’9
  7. Female, 55 years old, height: 5’2


To have a chance to win you will submit a list with numbers 1-7 and a name beside each number… Good luck!















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