We’ll be live all day on the Lake 94.7 as we watch the weather. It was a busy morning as we started bright and early with Ronnie Simpson from STPG. Ronnie talked for a few minutes about parish government and what they would be up to as the weather threat gets closer.



Up next was Heidi McRath and Randy Ponthieux to share some info about the West St Tammany Relay for Life. You can see what they are up to on their Facebook page here.. West St Tamm Relay on FB or listen to the interview below…


int pic 1



Carla Bucholz is a candidate for Council at Large on the Mandeville City Council. Here’s what she had to say about her campaign…



And last we were joined by one of my fellow Real Men of St Tammany 2016, Roy Provenzano. Rene Arcemont was on hand as a former Real Man and now a board member with Safe Harbor. If you want to help this non-profit fight domestic abuse then make a donation on Roy’s behalf to Safe Harbor. You can do it here.. DONATE TO ROY’S REAL MAN CAMPAIGN You can get tickets to the Gala this weekend here.. GALA TICKETS.







Lake Loot


Q: A woman will do THIS 500 times over the course of her life. What is it?

A: Wear shoes that don’t fit!

Winner: Latetia Moore from Pearl River!!


Q: Name the Game or App that has been downloaded more than 40 million times and has made over $100 million over the last 18 months.

A: Kim K Hollywood!!

Winner: Diane Colburn from Slidell!!


Q: This famous personality’s first name is Sid?

A: Cookie Monster!

Winner: Andy Martin from Abita!!


Q: If you are going to sit down to eat these, odds are you will eat 24 at a time. What is it?

A: Tater tots!

Winner: Mariette Molinario from Robert!!

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