Melissa Hodgson came in this morning to talk about the Children’s Museum of St Tammany Celebration event March 6th at the Castine Center. You can get tickets at this location.. CHILDRENS MUSEUM OF ST TAMMANY. Melissa also brought in Dr. Stahls to talk about health health. You can hear the interview below their picture.


mel and stajls




We also had a talk with Capt Hil and Coach Lambert from Archbishop Hannan. They were here supporting Lady Hawks Softball and their Wild Game Feast. You can find out more by checking out the interview below. Call Kellie at 985-789-9113 or Kim at 504-975-0435 to get tickets.


hannan cap and coah
Mike, Coach Lambert and Capt. Hil





Lake Loot


Q: 1/4th  of women say that men who have these are more attractive then men who don’t.

A: Scars on their face

Winner: Bobbie Dreiss from Abita!!


Q: Woman will do it about 150 times this year on average, the average man about 10 times.  What is it?

A:  Check their horoscope.

Winner: Shannon Arnold from Mandeville!!


Q: When it comes to the top 25 highest grossing movies in U.S. History, 24 of the 25 of them have this in common. What?

A: Sequel or part of a franchise!!

Winner: Ricky McCarra from Covington!!


Q:  For 7 in 10 men they say this would give them more personality.  What is it?

A:  A goatee!

Winner: Janell Magenheimer from Madisonville!!


Kids Only Loot at 7:15

Q: Wind, Water, and Ice are all natural forces that cause what?

A: Erosion

Winner: Brenden Percle from Covington!!


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