Our first guest today Alison Tozzi Liu, Editorial Director at the James Beard Foundation. She spoke about their new book James Beard’s All American Eats. The book is available now and is full of award winning recipes from award winning eateries. History AND food! Here is their website… JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION or listen to the interview with Alison below…





Up next were Seminarians Michael Beverung and Andy Derouen from St Joseph’s Abbey. They hare hosting another Abbey Youth Fest soon and want young people to come out. The theme is “Opening the Doors of Mercy.” See more about them on the website…YOUTHFEST 2016



Lake Loot:


Q: There are 3 actresses who’ve been nominated for Academy Awards 6 times but have never won! Name one of them!

A: Glen Close, Deborah Kerr & Thelma Ritter

Winner: Aiden Dyer from Covington!!


Q: THIS will happen to1 in 5 drivers today. What is it?

A: Low fuel light will come on!

Winner: Amber Spears from Ponchy!!


Q: In Medieveal times it was believed this was the best cure for a toothache?

A: Kissing a donkey!

Winner: Dominique Cuff from Mandeville!!


Q: 1 in 5 American households still have this. The number used to be close to 100%. What?


Winner: Alison Meguess from Slidell!!

Kids Only at 7:15

Q: Who introduced Leap Year?

A: Julius Caesar

Winner: Ashman Waterhouse from Mandeville!!

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