First up today were our friends from Pope John Paul to talk Jag Fest. Sherri Dutreix, Robin Mangano and Zach Pohto made this weekend’s event sound like a lot of fun. Find out more in the interview below or check out their website here.. POPE JOHN PAUL ONLINE


jagfest 2016
Sherri, Zach and Robin



Then we got to visit with Sheila Gunderson and Debbie Haley from Professional Women of St Tammany, Their “Women of Wonder” Retreat is Friday, March 18th. Find out more on their website here PROFESSIONAL WOMEN OF ST TAMMANY or listen to the interview below…


phen women march 2016
Sheila, Debbie and the Super Intern




Go Skips! Mike got to chat with the coach right before their huge playoff basketball game. You can hear what she had to say below.



Lake Loot


Q: Getting caught doing THIS might be embarrassing to some of us…but, 1 in 10 adults will do it today. What is it?

A: Wearing mismatched socks!

Winner: Justin Todd from Slidell!!


Q: Sadly enough more than 40% of women say this is the first thing they look for in a date. What is it?

A: A man that is taller than her

Winner: Jake Reynolds from Pearl River!!


Q: When asked what spring activity people where looking forward to the most, 20% said this…..”

A: riding a bike

Winner: Harrison Ross from Slidell!!


Q: A survey of men found that most think a woman who has THIS make the best wife? What is it?

A: A brother. (Or 2 or 3.)

Winner: Sarah Wells from Slidell!!

Online Loot:

We were looking for a pic of the car with the most miles on it out there this morning. Our winner was …

…a 2006 Infiniti M45 driven by Kristy Morgan from Covington… Terrible pics but A LOT of miles behind that car…



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