First guest today was Sarah Cottrell from Sophisticated Woman Magazine. Sarah spoke about her Enterprising Women for this month and brought along Kristianne Stewart, who heads up the non-profit Compassion that Compels. Here website is here.. COMPASSION THAT COMPELS. You can hear what these women had to say in the interview below




march 2016
Sarah and Kristianne



Up next was our friend Jennifer Messina from the St Tammany West Habitat for Humanity. She came bearing gifts and spoke about the Re-Store and other upcoming events. You can hear what she had to say below… their website is here.. ST TAMMANY HABITAT




Jen March 2016
Jennifer and Charles 


Finally our friend Tony LeMon came by with Mary Leigh Wolf. We enjoyed getting to know her as they spoke about Celebration, the upcoming event for the Children’s Museum of St Tammany. You can see their site here … CHILDREN’S MUSEUM OF ST TAMMANY



Tony LeMon
Tony and Mary Leigh



Lake Loot


Q: It has been proven that a shark will never do this. What is it?

A: Get a cavity!

Winner: David Lajoie from Baton Rouge!!


Q: You see it for most tailgating spreads, but what food was voted the most worthless tailgate staple?

A: Celery!

Winner: Kim Stevens from Pearl River!!


Q: Walt Disney World goes thru 285-thousand pounds of what a day?

A: Laundry!

Winner: Tim Carpenter from Slidell!!


Q: Believe it or not this can jump up to three feet in the air. What is it?

A: Popcorn kernel!

Winner: Regina Lawson from Abita!!

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