Our first guests today were from Northshore Technical Community College. Jason Leader and Chaunie Brouillette talked about going back to school to get your degree and ESL, among other things. Visit them online here NORTHSHORE TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE or on FB here NTCC ON FB



We also had in Chief Tim Lentz this morning from the Covington Police Department. You can hear part of his interview below (the recorder must have hiccuped) but he talked about “In God We Trust” and other things happening with his department. Thanks to Chief Lentz for stopping by. You can check in with them online here COVINGTON POLICE



Finally we had Sunnie Wicker, who helps with a group called The Ninja Sisterhood. They are trying to raise funds to give a student a prom experience. You can hear all about them in the interview below.





Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 5 guys say they have never worn one of THESE. What is it?

A: A tuxedo!

Winner: Tobin Keeth from Covington!!


Q: Millard Fillmore installed the first __________ and ____________ in the White House.

A: bathtub and kitchen stove

Winner: Toya and Karly Joseph from Bush!!


Q: Harry S. Truman use to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to practice for two hours…

A: The piano.

Winner: Jimmie Handley from Pearl River!!


Q: Name the only president to serve in both World War I & World War II.

A: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Winner: Jennifer Dauzat from Slidell!!

Kids Only at 7:15

Q: Who was nicknamed “Elegant Arthur” because of his fashion sense?

A: Chester A. Arthur

Q: William McKinley was the first president to campaign by _______. What is it?

A: Telephone.

Winner: Caleb Lind from Mandeville!!

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