Amy B March 2016


Amy Bouton was in from STPG to update us on the latest regarding the flooding here in St Tammany. Hear what she had to say below or check them out online here ST TAMMANY PARISH GOVERNMENT



We also spoke with a disaster recovery expert named Earl Carr, who spoke about some of the pitfalls associated with the days immediately after an event like the flooding we just experienced. You can hear what he had to say below.



Also, early this morning Cliff Bergeron slipped in the studios and gave us a quick update on A Taste of Covington. You can hear that below.



Lake Loot


Q: One in four people do THIS at work today, although you probably don’t want them to. What is it?

A: Take off their shoes!

Winner: Janelle Welch from Covington!!


Q: According to the U-S Census Bureau, there are 13 people with the first name of this food?

A: Donut!

Winner: Jennifer Jett from Mandeville!!


Q: There are six cities in the U-S with what name?  Think Georgia…

A: Peanut!

Winner: Matthew Woodfin in Madisonville!!


Q: Over two billion of THESE are sold every year. What?

A: T-shirts!

Winner: Chris Steimle from Covington!!


Lake Loot @7:40 on March 16th

Here’s the question… Now call me with the answer at 867-5042…

According to a new study, almost 9 out of 10 American adults will drink at least one of these every week. What is it?

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