We’re helping FD12 as they raise funds today on 190 near Northpark for local flood victims and charities. They’re working a boot shake until 2 pm today. Help out if you can!


We started the day today with Patricia Stout from the Women’s Center for Healing and Transformation. They have a Gala coming up April 9th at the Abita Quail Farm. Their website is here WOMEN’S CENTER FOR HEALING



womens center pic march 2016
Patricia Stout



Then Lincoln came in from Pontchartrain Vineyards. He brought wine and plenty of info about tomorrow’s event with Kermit Ruffins.  Their website is here PONCHARTRAIN VINEYARDS.





Up next were Vita Dickens and Christine Breaux from Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic School for their Taste of Tammany 2016. It is coming up April 30 at 6 pm. Their website is here OUR LADY OF THE LAKE


Vita and Christine



And we wrapped up the day with Jeff Lyons from the Jane Austen Literary Festival, which is happening tomorrow at the Mandeville Trailhead.  Find out more on their website here JANE AUSTEN FESTIVAL or listen to what Jeff said below.



Lake Loot


Q: If you’re average, look for THIS to happen to you at about 9:45 today.

A: You’ll be fully awake.

Winner: Carissa Maher from Mandeville!!

7:15 (Kids only)

Q: (Who said it and after what song?) Pretty, huh? I’ll bet a lot of you folks don’t believe that, about a wish comin’ true, do ya? Well, I didn’t, either.

A: Jiminy Cricket: [after singing “When You Wish Upon a Star”]

Winner: Kayla Richard from Mandeville!!


Q: 1 in 3 of us agree THIS is what annoys us the most about our partner.  What is it?

A: Snoring.

Winner: Gavin Angelo from Covington!!


Q: Blake Shelton says when he gets to Heaven, he wants to be able to sing like who?

A: Elvis Presley!

Winner: Laura Andrews from Slidell!!


Q: About half of happily married women cannot remember this. What is it?

A: Where they had their first date with their husband

Winner: Jenny Saxton from Mandeville!!

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