Our guests today were Brandon Simoneaux and Parish Winter from Ashley Ross Builders. They had all kinds of information about dealing with flooding disasters, including the steps you need to be taking right now if you flooded. You can find out about them on their website here.. ASHLEY ROSS BUILDERS or in the interview below…




Also, from Washington Parish Emergency Management, they are starting pick up today. You can connect with them on FB here… WASHINGTON PARISH ON FB.. See what they said below.


Washington Parish residents can place their debris curbside. Pick up will begin Monday, March 21, 2016. Debris should be separated as follows:
1.) White goods (appliances)
2.) Hazardous household waste (chemicals, cleaning supplies, etc)
3.) All other debris in another pile
Debris separated as above can also be taken to the Choctaw landfill.


Lake Loot


Q: 4 in 10 women say they really can’t stand it when their significant other fails to do THIS. What is it?

A: Leaves an empty toilet paper roll!

Winner: Brandy McCormick from Madisonville!!


Q: When you look at the world’s largest hotels, 1 in 5 of them have THIS in common. What is it?

A: In Vegas

Winner: Jessie Hasenkampf from Mandeville!!


Q: He is the only athlete to have played in both a Super Bowl game and a World Series game. Who is he?

A: Deion Sanders

Winner: Lorrie Carrey from Covington!!


Q: Even though these aren’t nearly as big in our lives anymore, 1 in 5 people have a favorite type of these that they like to use.  What is it?

A: Pen

Winner: Heather LaCombe from Mandeville!!

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