Our friend Ferris Hotard stopped in today from the Rutland St Gallery. The last time Ferris was here he was actually having a heart attack so we were excited to see him doing so well and heard all about that, plus his event this Saturday in downtown Covington where they are providing pics with the Easter Bunny to benefit the St Tammany Humane Society. You can hear his story below.  Their website is here… RUTLAND STREET GALLERY







Then we had a visit from Amy Brumfield with SOAR.  Amy told us about the upcoming Autism Walk and Family Fun Day, April 2, at Lakeview Regional’s track. Visit their website here SOAR WEBSITE Hear what Amy had to say below.




Lake Loot


Q: 6 in 10 of us do this while grocery shopping.  What is it?

A: Talk or text on the phone.

Winner: Erin, Emily and Julia Songy from LaCombe!

7:15 (Kids Only! 2 questions.)

Q: In what part of the Earth’s atmosphere would you find the ozone layer?


Q: How many nouns are in the following sentence? “The rabbit ran to the cafeteria and ate a big salad”?

A: 3

Winner: Mason Schellinger from Covington!!


Q: People were asked in a survey, when in your every day life do you feel the most guilty? This was the #1 answer.

A:  When wasting food.

Winner: Marsha Bacino from Mandeville!!


Q: 1 in 3 of Americans say they would take a cut in pay if they could do this at work…what is it?

A:  Take their dog to work!

Winner: Ann Hamman from Slidell!!


Q: About half of us when faking a sick day will do this. What is it?

A: Turn off their phones.

Winner: Brett Bernard from Mandeville!!



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