Today we welcomed in Vic Moore from PAC (Pelican Athletic Club) to discuss their year round swimming program for young people. Vic was a lot of fun and you can connect with him here on Twitter VIC MOORE ON TWITTER and the swim team here on FB PAC SWIM TEAM. You can also hear what he had to say below.



pac swim logo





Then we spoke disaster relief with Deanna Frazier from FEMA and Yolanda Stokes from SBA. They are working out of the Disaster Recovery Center set up in Slidell in the Towers Building. They were full of good info about recovering from the flooding. You can hear them below.



We got some pics from you for our Whimsical Wednesday. Here are a few of them…




Kim Dupuy

Great pic Kim! DM us an address on FB.


Lake Loot


Q: Know someone who gets to work from home? 1 out of 10 people who work from home wear THIS while on the job today. What?

A: Nothing!!!

Winner: Ryan Knipe from Slidell!


Q: Three quarters of women who have one of these say they wouldn’t date a man who didn’t approve of it.  What is it?

A: Her dog.

Winner: Will Samuels from New Orleans!!


Q: 1 in 5 people would be willing to do THIS instead of preparing their taxes.

A: Spend the Night in Jail

Winner: Heather Surcouf from Slidell!!


Q: According to a new study, the worst lie you can tell someone is this. What?

A: I’m on birth control!!

Winner: Laurie Harmon from Biloxi!!

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