We started the day with Amanda Paxton and Dr. Samer Shamieh, who spoke about solutions to back and neck pain. You can see his website here GEAUX SPINE or listen to the interview below.



Then Sheriff-Elect Randy Smith stopped by. He talked about the transition and a ballot issue that he wants the public’s health with. You can find out more by listening to the interview or check out what the parish government sent below. Thanks to Randy for stopping by.


randy pic march 2016
Jeff Boehm, Randy Smith and Charles 




Here’s info on voting from STPG:

Jail and Justice Center Complex Sales Tax Renewals Slated for April 9, 2016 Ballot

Two Parish-Wide Jail and Justice Center Complex sales taxes are slated to come up for renewal on the Municipal General/ Special Primary election ballot, April 9, 2016. These revenues will continue to fund operations and maintenance needs of the St. Tammany Parish Jail, and the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center complex in Covington, including the Slidell Justice Center annex located in the Towers Building. Since 1998, these dedicated revenues, ¼¢ each (one fourth of one percent), have been used solely for the purposes of funding the operations and maintenance of these entities. A yes vote would renew the tax for an additional 20 years.

“The community we live in is safe and secure, and the services provided through all of these agencies funded through these taxes, play a role in that safety on several levels,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “As our community continues to grow, the need for services of these agencies will grow as well, so I urge every voter in St. Tammany to vote on these two taxes which have been in place for 18 years as a dedicated funding source.”

“The two sales tax renewals are crucial to the future of public safety here in St. Tammany, “said Randy Smith, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff-Elect. “The money collected through these dedicated taxes directly impact two major components of our justice system – the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center and the St. Tammany Parish jail – and the impact on public safety will be felt for the next two decades.”

Each of these taxes brings in approximately $11,300,000 annually. In addition to the funding of facilities and maintenance of agencies within the Jail and Justice Center including: the 22nd Judicial District Court, the District Attorney, the Public Defender, the Clerk of Court, the Registrar of Voters, the Assessor, the Sheriff and the Jail, the funds will also be allocated to support capital needs of existing facilities. At the courthouse: roof replacement, technology upgrades as warranted, security equipment upgrades, air conditioning maintenance and replacement as needed, and basement moisture barrier replacement. At the jail: maximum security door system replacement, razor wire fence additions, plumbing upgrades, roof repair and replacement, technology upgrades as warranted, and sewer treatment upgrades.

Early voting for the  April 9, 2016 Municipal General/ Special Primary election begins March 26 – April2, 2016.


We also got to catch up with Kathy Bosco with Hospice Foundation of the South for their Crawfish Cook-off coming up April 16th in Fritchie Park. You can find out more about it on their website here HOSPICE FOUNDATION OF THE SOUTH or listen to her below.


hospice j peg





Lake Loot


Q: 5! That’s how many of these we like at one time. What is it?

A: TV Shows! (That’s the average of shows we watch while binge watching.)

Winner: Wendy Minturn from Covington!!


Q: When seeing a new guy the avg. woman waits 2-1/2 months before doing THIS. What is it?

A: Not wearing any makeup

Winner: Courtney Qualls from Covington!!


Q: 1 in 5 Spring Breakers have had to buy this while on vacation.

A: Underwear

Winner: Jennifer Rogers from Covington!!


Q: 2 in 10 people do this at home, 7 in 10 people do it away from home, and 1 in 10 people never do it. What is it?

A: Wash their car!

Winner: Keri Skeins from Covington!!

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