Ronnie Kole came in to talk about this weekend’s Jazz on the Bayou. This is the 24th time Ronnie and his wife have opened up their home for local non-profits on the NS. Go get your tickets here JAZZ ON THE BAYOU TICKETS AND INFO



Ronnie Cole Pic March 28 2016





Lake Loot


Q: You need over 500 of these to make a jar of this. What?

A: Peanuts and Peanut Butter!!

Winner: Matt Niemi from Madisonville!!


Q: Modern men are nearly three times more likely to do this than their fathers are. What?

A: To cry in public

Winner: Brandi McCormick from Madisonville!!


Q: If you are going to run 100 yard dash, you’ll need 7 of these.  What?

A:  Quarts of oxygen.

Winner: Louis Normand from Mandeville!!


Q: You’ll spend 20 minutes today at work dealing with this. What?

A: Computer issues!!

Winner: Charles Drago from Mandeville!!


Q: Given the choice of any color of THIS, most of us pick a red one. What is it?

A: A Jelly Bean

Winner: Nicole Manning from Slidell!!

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