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Lake Rewind: March 28, 2016



Ronnie Kole came in to talk about this weekend’s Jazz on the Bayou. This is the 24th time Ronnie and his wife have opened up their home for local non-profits on the NS. Go get your tickets here JAZZ ON THE BAYOU TICKETS AND INFO



Ronnie Cole Pic March 28 2016





Lake Loot


Q: You need over 500 of these to make a jar of this. What?

A: Peanuts and Peanut Butter!!

Winner: Matt Niemi from Madisonville!!


Q: Modern men are nearly three times more likely to do this than their fathers are. What?

A: To cry in public

Winner: Brandi McCormick from Madisonville!!


Q: If you are going to run 100 yard dash, you’ll need 7 of these.  What?

A:  Quarts of oxygen.

Winner: Louis Normand from Mandeville!!


Q: You’ll spend 20 minutes today at work dealing with this. What?

A: Computer issues!!

Winner: Charles Drago from Mandeville!!


Q: Given the choice of any color of THIS, most of us pick a red one. What is it?

A: A Jelly Bean

Winner: Nicole Manning from Slidell!!

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