Today we were visited by Emily Tarr and Grace Galeziewski from SSA to talk about Seussical, which is coming up soon. Emily directs the production and Grace is the Cat in the Hat. The poster for the event is below their pic and interview. Go see it!


emily and grace






Lake Loot


Q.   4 out of 5 people say overall, they felt better after they did this. What?

A: Went on vacation

Winner: Ashley Cleveland from Folsom!

7:15 !!!KIDS ONLY!!!

Q: This costs just 12 cents to make, but it’s worth a $100. What?

A: A $100 bill

Winner: Landon Rees from Mandeville!!


Q: Studies have shown that students who do THIS retain information longer. What is it?

A: Take handwritten notes

Winner: Coby Stevens from Pearl River!!


Q: Guys are twice as likely as women to do WHAT when they go shopping?

A: Ask for help!

Winner: Scott Meyer from Covington!


Q: When you are test driving a new car, there are 4 things you should always do:  Bring someone with you for a 2nd opinion, Take a long test drive, Drive on a bumpy road, and this.  What is it?

A:  Parallel park!

Winner: Paris Souza from Mandeville!

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