Greek mythology today for Lake Loot??? Not sure how that happened but we had some pretty impressive peeps call in to win today. I even quizzed a few of them AFTER they won and they were knocking the questions out of the park. But first we started with Randi and Kay who were here to talk about the Magnolia Chapter of the Humane Society and Magnolia Thrift. You can check out the thrift store here and proceeds go to help care for the animals. MAGNOLIA THRIFT



Then it was Kathy’s turn to get in the studio and promote Hospice Foundation of the South and their Crawfish Cook-off this weekend. Poster is below her interview. Find out more here HOSPICE CRAWFISH COOK-OFF





Lake Loot


Q: It is not a problem your parents dealt with but now every day 1 out 3 adults admit to becoming angry after struggling with this. What?

A: Remembering their passwords!

Winner: Joseph Alphonso from Slidell!


Q: In Greek mythology, what was the name of the titan who was given the responsibility of holding up the heavens on his shoulders?

A: Atlas

Winner: Olivia Kemp from Pearl River!


Q: In Greek mythology, who was the goddess of the rainbow?

A: Iris

Winner: Sidney Bray from Covington!


Q: Who spurned Echo’s love and was punished by being made to fall in love with his won reflection?

A: Narcissus

Winner: Peggy Johnson from Covington!


Q: In Greek mythology, which god was the twin brother of Artemis?

A: Apollo

Winner: Danielle Mcacy from Destrehan!

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