Let’s give a nice shout out to Aaliyh Laurent, Rebecca Smith and Farrah Daws! These three Covington High students joined Gary Mendoza in our studios today to talk (and sing) about Bring It On, their musical April 22nd and 23rd at 7:30 at Covington High. Tickets at the door!






We also spoke with our friend Amy Bouton from St Tammany Parish Government today. She gave us an update on the latest flood recovery info and shared some stats and milestones from last years Annual Report for the parish. You can hear what she said below.





Amy B April 19



Finally our new social media friend today was… Jamie Stockstill!! Jamie hangs out with us on Facebook. We gave her a shout out on the air and she called in for the win!!!!  Make sure you hang out with us on Twitter or FB! We might call your name next!


Lake Loot


Q: Expecting a child? It’ll take about 2 days for this to happen. What?

A: Come up with a name for your kid!

Winner: Denise Traylor from Slidell!


Q: In the last year 2/3rds of us have gotten mad at a friend for WHAT?

A: Spilling spoilers (movies, TV shows, sports scores, etc.)

Winner: Cameron Caro from Bush!


Q: While always popular with the guys, 25 years ago this was not a popular clothing item for women to wear, now it is. What is it?

A: Sweatshirt.

Winner: Regina Vaccaro from Mandeville!


Q: The average woman will do THIS 500 times over the course of her life.

A: Wear shoes that don’t fit.

Winner: Monica Roberts from Indy!

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