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Today we spoke with Dr. Gary Agena about Crawfish and Roses. (Courtney Threeton and Tammy Kraft were quiet as mice.) Gary spoke about this event that has grown from a backyard cook-off to a big day for two local charities. Find out more on their Facebook page here CRAWFISH AND ROSES


Up next was 30 by Ninety and “To Kill A Mockingbird.” We were joined by cast members Niccolo Bonura and John Martin Walton as well as Stage Director Laurie Bonura. Get your tickets here 30 BY NINETY


to kill cast 2





We wrapped up today’s interviews with Leigh Isaacson from CCA, who wanted to tell everyone about their Northshore Chapter Banquet tomorrow night. Info and interview is below and you can see their website here CCA LOUISIANA


cca leigh




cca ns banquet



Lake Loot


Q: Believe it or not you will use around 80 pounds of this today

A: Oxygen

Winner: Chad Kalocinski from Mandeville!


16 candles mouth piece

Q: 1 in 5 of us who were teens back in the 80’s admit we wore THIS. What was it?

A: Headgear with braces!

Winner: Lisa White from Slidell!


Q: The average length of a vacation to this city is just over 4 days. What city?

A: Las Vegas!

Winner: Brandy Watts from Bush!


Q: 5% of people say they would do what if they won a huge lottery prize?

A: Fake their death

Winner: Dorothy Sconza from Lacombe!


It was a great day today on the Lake 94.7..

We’ll see you tomorrow morning!


16 candles eyes

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