Today we welcomed two young ladies into the studio who are taking a stand against bullying. McKenna Tate and Heidi Carrier have recorded a song about bullying and you can hear it here…



track 1 bs pic



Here’s what the girls had to say… and you can find their music under their names at I-Tunes, Google Play and more…





Lake Loot:


Q: This is now the most popular honeymoon destination. Where?

A: Las Vegas

Winner: Brenda Olivier from Marrero!


Q: Who was voted worlds sexiest vegetarian in 2006

A: Prince

Winner: Amy Miller from Mandeville!


Q: Over a lifetime, most women will spend two years doing THIS.  What?

A:  Getting ready to leave the house

Winner: Penny Labry from Lacombe!


Q: There are more of theses in New Mexico then any other state.

A: UFO sightings

Winner: Andrea Leonard from Slidell!

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