Our first guest today was Jeannine Chevis with STPH. She wanted to promote Eat Fit Northshore, an effort to get local restaurants to offer healthy menu options. Find out more about it in the interview below or online here EAT FIT NS





Then we welcomed in Elizabeth Van Sant and Gina Lorio from the Covington Rotary and the Miracle League respectively. They were telling us about Quack-a-Falaya. Find out more in the interview with these ladies below or check them out online here… QUACK A FALAYA. Find out more about Miracle League locally on their FB page here … Miracle League NS



quack 1





THEN, it was belly dancing with Pandorium Belly Dancing Company. Jacquie Rhodes, Rhonda Stockstoil and Brigitte Sharai shared plenty of information about belly dancing. (And got at least one good blush out of Charles.) Their Charitable Showcase is coming up these weekend. Check out their website here … PANDORIUM or listen to the interview below!






Lake Loot


Q: 6 times! Studies show THIS will happen six times during a first date?

A: The guy will lie

Winner: Zachary Pickett from Bush!


Q: A recent survey asked women what they want to change about their man. #1 was how he dresses. #3 was his friends. What is #2?

A: What he eats

Winner: Laura Gatlin from Lacombe!


Q: You’ll find 41 of these in the average American house?

A: Light Bulbs

Winner: Melissa McGovern from Mandeville!


Q: According to a new study, the amount of stress in a woman’s life significantly decreases when this happens to their husband. What?

A: When he dies

Winner: Melissa Gleason from Abita!

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