Today was a really fun day! Go see Seussical JR with the young people from Kehoe-France. They were in studio today and they were impressive. Thanks to Millie Joe Rosenberg, Evan Green and Trent Caime for sharing their talents with us. You can hear their interview below or check them out online here KEHOE-FRANCE







We also spoke to Sheryl Folse and Dara Bartee from Gran’s Attic, which is a part of the Samaritan Center. Their open house is tomorrow from 3:30 to 5:30 in Olde Mandeville. Find out more here SAMARITAN CENTER ONLINE






And, we got to talk with our friends Jenn Messina and Sarah Federer about Give NOLA Day, which is next week. Lots of NS non-profits are involved and you can find out more on this website GIVE NOLA DAY or in the interview below.


nola day




The FBI is taking a look at a cold case from Clinton, Louisiana.  Take a look here.  It is an interesting and sad story.


Lake Loot


Q: A recent survey on tough tasks said what was the second hardest after quitting smoking. What is it?

A: Saving for retirement

Winner: Nicole Traina from Covington


Q: 56% of brides won’t book a wedding venue unless it has this.

A: Good Wifi

Winner: Jamie Martin from Picayune!


Q: 3 out of 4 homes that have one of these never use them?

A: Pool Table

Winner: Caroline Raymond from Mandeville!


Q: The average person will lose 15 of these a year. What?

A: Socks

Winner: Lauren Butler from Pearl River

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