Today on the Lake we welcomed in Ann Ollendike with Baskets of Hope. She was here to remind everyone that today is Give Nola Day and you can participate here GIVE NOLA DAY. Find out more about Ann’s work with Baskets of Hope here BASKETS OF HOPE NS or listen to the interview below…





Go see the ladies at the Covington Trailhead today. Ann says:

Join me in giving Hope to seriously ill children across our community. #BeaSaint at #giveNOLA



Next was Paul Stich for the Food Bank at the Samaritan Center. He was here to tell us about Stamp Out Hunger, which is an effort by mail carriers to collect food for local pantries. On May 14th if you put out non-perishable items near your mail box they will go to fight hunger. Here is info on the event and the interview is below…


basket pic




Lake Loot


Q: THIS is more likely to happen in planes that have a first class section.

A: Air rage incidents

Winner: Mark Weisinger from Mandeville!


Q: There are 66 million of these machines in the U.S…What?

A:  Lawn mowers

Winner: Brian Fonseca!


Q: You would have to pay someone nearly $63,000 a year to do this job but most people are willing to do it for free. What is the job?

A: Stay at Home Mother

Winner: Liz Garland from Mandeville!


Q: Half of all Millenials WILL NOT pay for this. What is it?

A: Cable TV

Winner: Katie Burmaster from Mandeville!

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