Got some great info on options for the weekend and some news makers in today’s Rewind.


Let’s start with Sir Ronnie Simpson from St Tammany Parish Government. Ronnie wanted to talk about a lot of things going on in the parish right now. He explained something new the parish is doing with adjudicated properties. Now you can bid on them. Go look around on this site if you like CIVIC SOURCE and look by map at properties in our area you can bid on. Ronnie spoke at length about the tragedies that rocked Mandeville and the NS last week and some steps the parish is taking to help. And he spoke about getting outside in this wonderful place we live with this wonderful weather… Hear him below and thanks to Ronnie for coming in today.






Up next was Victoria Langlinais with the Silver Slipper, She was here to talk about Bring it Home Northshore, a group dedicated to helping the children of our service members abroad. The event below is right around the corner, so get your mask and go help them raise funds for a great cause. Get you tickets online here BRING IT HOME NS TICKETS.





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Finally we got to speak with Adam Parades; owner of X Fusion Fitness. They have all kinds of options when it comes to summer camps. Go see them online here X FUSION FITNESS or listen to what he had to say below.





What are YOU doing this weekend?

Here are a few of the things happening on the NS this weekend…


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Lake Loot:


Q: What happens at 2:55 today?

A: Least productive time of day!

Winner: Adam Burris from Covington!


Q: One in ten married couples won’t do it even once this year.  What is it?

A:  Say “I love you”

Winner: Michelle Hocke from Slidell!


Q: According to a new study, putting your kids in THIS environment can protect them from stomach bugs. What environment?

A: Daycare

Winner: Harrison Ross from Mandeville!


Q: Production of this ramps up every June. What is it?

A: Ice cream!

Winner: Stephanie Oalmann from Covington!


Have a great weekend!!!!!


***Apologies to State Treasurer John Kennedy. Due to a technical problem we did not get a copy of his interview this morning. Visit his website to see if the state has $$$ for you here SEARCH FOR UNCLAIMED PROPERTY

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