Whew! What a great morning on the Lake! We started off with Chief Tim Lentz from Covington. Tim wanted to let everyone know there might be some traffic issues in downtown Covington on Thursday when Public Works repairs a main UNDER Boston St. They’ll start at 9 am and are speculating it will take 6 hours. Hopefully that is the case. Chief Lentz also spoke about their upcoming Kid’s Camp and gave us an update on Operation Angel. Hear all about it in the interview below.



kids camp 2016



Next we welcomed Chris Freret into the studios. Chris was promoting Crawfish Cooking for a Cause 2016. (He also has his own crawfish spice business here GEAUX CREOLE.) Find out about the event and get your reduced price advance tickets online here CRAWFISH COOKING FOR A CAUSE. Thanks to Chris for the visit!







Last we got to visit with Fire Chief Chris Kaufmann and Ted Modica about LA Veteran’s Festival 2016. This is the third time they have done it and this is to raise funds to build a house for a veteran in the area. Good music, family fun, and Stand Down, with on site veteran’s services. Go check them out online here LA VETERANS FEST or listen to the interview below.





Lake Loot


Q: You see people do it all the time but only 1 in 3 people can actually do it. What is it?

A: Flare their nostrils

Winner: Stephanie Kimble from Bush!

7:15 (Kid’s Only)

Q: Peter Pan is associated with a fairy called Tinkerbell. How did the fairy get her name?

A: She mended pots and kettles

Winner: Sam Favaza from Mandeville!


Q: 1 out of 3 newlyweds had no idea about this habit of their spouse. What?

A: Their spending habits!

Winner: Christina Messina from Covington!


Q: What is the number one food found in pantries?

A: Mac and Cheese

Winner: Mike Hilderbrand from Lacombe!


Q: Bad Dreams are more likely to happen if you do this. What?

A: Sleep in a cold room

Winner: Chrissie Kupar from Covington!

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