Dragon Boat Racing! Sounds like fun, right? Leslie Landry and Jason “The Engine” Leader were in today to talk about this weekend’s big event in Madisonville. The event raises funds for Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Connect with them on FB here DRAGON BOAT RACE






We also talked with Michelle Biggs today from the St Tammany West Chamber. Their EXPO is coming up June 16th at Fontainebleau High School. More than 80 exhibitors will welcome around 1,000 attendees. Find out more on their website here ST TAMMANY WEST CHAMBER OR listen to the interview below.







And last but certainly not least, Mayor Mike Cooper came in to talk about all the different things happening in Covington. Mayor Cooper wanted to highlight an organization he is helping called Hero’s Farewell. This group is helping to the vision for Southeast Louisiana Veteran’s Cemetery. Connect with them on Facebook here HERO”S FAREWELL PROJECT.









Q: 1 in 10 adults said oddly enough, they really enjoy the taste of THIS. What is it?

A: Licking envelopes!

Winner: Caden Robin from Lacombe!

7:15 (Audio)

Q: Finish George’s statement:


Winner: John Antoine from Slidell!


Q: Two percent of the world’s water is _________. What is it?

A: Frozen

Winner: Chris Wilhoit from Bush!


Q: On average, people spend just over 15 minutes a day doing this. What?

A: Exercising

Winner: Erin Songy from Lacombe!


Q: 8 out of 10 women in a recent survey said THIS is one of the biggest fashion mistakes a guy can make.

A: Short pants/high-waters

Winner: Prudence Fayard from Mandeville!


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